Introduction to the Recruitment Apprenticeship Scheme

“Which role is right for me?” Regardless of whether you are making your first tentative steps into the job market or you are just looking for a new challenge the choice is a tough one.

Every career choice you make can significantly impact your professional development. There is a lot to consider. It is not just a matter of the role, it is also about the industry or sector you operate in and the company you work for.

When we set about developing the Payroll Panel Recruitment Apprenticeship Scheme we carefully considered how the role would incrementally challenge and reward successful applicants. The role provides you with a clear path for career progression, gradually building your knowledge and experience. It provides a variety of work that lets you grow into the position without ever becoming overwhelmed or underutilised.

Recruitment Apprenticeship Scheme

You will be working in the recruitment industry, but at a more granular level you will be working within the payroll and finance sector. This sector shows remarkable resilience even during economic downturns and recessions. Regardless of macro-economic factors employees always need to be paid and so payroll professionals are always in-demand, making it a wholly dependable industry for any prospective recruiters to enter into.

Lastly you will need to consider the company you work for. The Payroll Panel is a fast-growing, demand-driven organisation which is likely to experience considerable growth in the coming years. That growth will undoubtedly bring new opportunities for our apprentices, in the form of career advancement. Additionally, our executive team have won countless awards for leadership and management and have mentored numerous junior employees to “Next Generation” and “Student of the year” awards. We are committed to creating a vibrant and pleasant culture and we have the experience and determination to do so. Our other business, Paycheck Plus, was recently ranked as the 8th best small workplace in Ireland by Great Places to Work and we are fully committed to attaining a similar accreditation for the Payroll Panel.

So, if you have a strong work ethic, are interested in becoming a recruitment specialist and want to work for a fast-growing company in a highly-resilient industry, join our Recruitment Apprenticeship today.

Warmest regards,

Anne Reilly

CEO Payroll Panel