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Making the most of Recruitment Payroll Services

How you can make the most of a specialist recruitment payroll services

While payroll recruitment services work primarily on behalf of the business contracting them to fill vacancies, candidates play an essential part in this process.  The more successful the recruiter in matching candidates to roles, the better their reputation, and the more business they are likely to attract.  As a result, it is in the recruitment payroll services’ best interest to prioritise those candidates who will not only prove to be a good match for the role but will also represent them well with their client.

To this end, for a candidate to find their ideal role through a recruitment payroll service, it is in their interest to make sure that they stand out from other candidates.  By making a good impression on their recruitment payroll services, they are more likely to be taken seriously and put forward for better roles.

Ways to create a compelling impression with recruitment payroll services include:

Preparing for your interview with the recruitment payroll service in the same way as you would if you were meeting directly with a prospective employer. Look at their website and social media feeds to learn more about the agency, their clients, and recruitment process.  Check through your CV to ensure there are no grammatical or spelling errors.  Dress professionally for the interview.  Arrive on time.   Shake the recruiter’s hand, make eye contact, and be polite and pleasant.   Email the recruiter after your meeting to thank them for their time.  The recruiter’s reputation with their own clients is based on the calibre of the candidates they provide, so the more professionalism you demonstrate, the more comfortable and confident they will be in putting you forward for roles.  Make sure they remember you for the right reasons.

Completing any follow-up tasks they give you quickly and efficiently. This demonstrates an eagerness to engage in the recruitment process, and a willingness to work with the recruiter to help secure a role.  They may ask you to update your CV or complete a written task or test; prioritise these actions and update the agency as quickly as possible.

Making yourself available for interviews and avoid putting unnecessary restrictions on the dates or times can attend. Ensure you attend all interviews the agency arrange for you.  If you fail to attend, it reflects badly on the recruiter and could negatively affect the relationship with their client.  They may then be less likely to put you forward for other roles.

Communicating well with your recruiter. Return their calls in a timely manner.  Be proactive in calling them to give feedback after an interview, or to request an update (but do not pester).  A recruiter is more likely to consider and put forward for interview a candidate who is engaging and communicative than one who waits on the recruiter to get in touch.

Being honest with the recruiter at all times. Do not lie about qualifications or experience or tell the recruiter you would be delighted to be considered for a role that you do not want.  If you know you the role is not for you, or are waiting to hear on an offer elsewhere, tell the recruiter so they know the situation and can advise their client accordingly.

Listening to the recruiter’s feedback. They are the gatekeeper between you and your perfect role, so take on board what they say, and implement any suggestions into future interviews.

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